Home Staging Services

Sutton Staging partners with local stagers and designers to provide designer quality rental furniture at competitive prices. When partnering with a stager or designer, Sutton Staging provides the following services:

Provide a furniture package which includes:
*Furniture, area rugs, lamps, and art
*Detailed estimate broken out by room
*Professional installation and pick up

*Inventory availability and pricing is available online for stagers and designers who register with Sutton Staging

Home Staging Offers Many Advantages When Selling Your Home!

When you list your home, you want to sell it for as much as possible, as quickly as possible.  Though your home decor may be lovely, high-end, and stylish, it may not display your home in the most ideal way to appeal to the widest range of buyers.  Often, it can be difficult for a homeowner to detach themselves from the home and their personal decor aesthetic to properly stage their home in an optimal way for showings.  And, nobody wants to buy all new furniture just to sell their home!  That is where home staging comes in!

Sutton Staging partners with local stagers and designers to provide designer-quality rental furniture at competitive prices.  It is important to remember that your home needs to appeal to the buyer you want – not you – so the aesthetic may be slightly different than what you anticipate. But, that is ok, because it is not for you, it is designed to make your home as appealing as possible to buyers. We will look at your home and design a unique staging package to ensure your home looks both aspirational and obtainable for your prospective buyers.  We will factor in both design and decor trends as well as the type of home you have and the price point at which you hope to sell when designing your home staging.

At Sutton Staging, we design your home staging to help buyers understand the scale and potential of every single room in the house.  Further, we focusing on highlighting your home’s strengths while minimizing any weaknesses.  Our home staging will elevate the aesthetic of your home to appeal to buyers and help them envision living in your home so that you can sell as quickly as possible, for top dollar.

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